Assessment and ISO certification

Assessment and ISO certification

Putting certainty into system certification

清纯校花沦为胯下玩物,征服办公室杨丽胯下Putting certainty into system certification

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Instilling excellence

清纯校花沦为胯下玩物,征服办公室杨丽胯下When it comes to system certification, our expert, trusted teams deliver consistent best practice globally.

  • 90% customer approval rating
  • 2,500 auditors around the world
  • 1.5 million audit hours delivered in 2018 alone
  • 84,000 accreditation certificates issued in one year

Case studies

How our certification has benefited organizations

  • “We’ve achieved a much more cost-effective management system footprint and a clear pathway for future certification by BSI. But the real benefit lies in better quality, more satisfied customers and, ultimately, improved business performance."

    Paul Kalma, Global Quality Capability Lead, Cloud Infrastructure Services, Capgemini

  • 清纯校花沦为胯下玩物,征服办公室杨丽胯下 “Entropy has provided us with a truly integrated risk and compliance management solution. The ability to integrate our health, safety and environmental data into one system saves us both time and money and has enabled us to improve our management processes significantly"

    清纯校花沦为胯下玩物,征服办公室杨丽胯下Steve Lewis, Director of EHS Impact Assessment

  • 清纯校花沦为胯下玩物,征服办公室杨丽胯下 “BS 11000 gives us the strategic framework to develop, with our key suppliers, the policies and processes, the culture and behaviours required to establish successful collaborative relations and to drive continual improvement.”

    Simon Kirby, Managing Director, Network Rail Infrastructure Projects